What is Robotic process automation

robotic process automation (RPA for short) is a business process automation technology based on software robots and artificial intelligence (AI).

Robotic process automation (RPA) system is an application program, which provides another way to automate the end user’s manual operation process by imitating the end user’s manual operation mode on the computer.

In the traditional workflow automation technology tools, the programmer will generate the action list of the automation task, and will use the internal application program interface or the special script language as the interface between the background system. Robotic process automation monitors the work performed by users in the graphical user interface (GUI) of the application software, and automatically repeats the work directly on the GUI. Therefore, the barriers to product automation can be reduced. Therefore, some software may not have APIs for this purpose.

Robotic process automation tools are technically similar to graphical user interface testing tools. These tools will also automatically interact with the graphical user interface, and users will demonstrate their processes, and then use demonstration programming to achieve. The difference between robotic process automation tools is that such systems allow data to be exchanged between different applications. For example, receiving an e-mail may include receiving a payment slip, obtaining the information therein, and entering it into the bookkeeping system.

The goal of process robot (RPA) software is to automate desktop based business processes and workflows that meet certain applicable standards. Generally speaking, these operations are repetitive to a large extent, with a large number of operations, and can be defined by strict rules and results.

The successful deployment of enterprise RPA brings the following benefits:
1,Higher operational efficiency: save time and release employees’ ability
2,Enhance accuracy, auditability, monitoring, tracking and controlling business process execution
3,Scalable and flexible enhanced “virtual” workforce that can quickly respond to business needs
4,A culture of collaboration and innovation enables our business and IT staff to work together.




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