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  • WWABB4600SS


Win-Win Standard Pedastal Single Robot Dual Workpiece 


WWABB4600SS equipment produced by WINWIN, is based on the structural change of the dual robotic arms. The structure of this equipment is more simplified, the operation is more simple, suitable for small batch production, the left and right double station clamping table can ensure the robot to work continuously for 24 hours. This structure with a single waterjet robotic arm is very cost-effective, and the price is relatively low. It is suitable for newcomers or small batch production.

The advantages of the left and right double table structure:

WWABB4600SS(图2)The operator faces the robotic waterjet cutting workstation, and there is a clamping table on the left and the right. The two clamping tables are relatively independent. We often define them as A and B table, which means that when the operator changes the cutting material in the B table area, it will not affect the normal cutting of the A surface table. The structure of opening the left and right doors is more reasonable, the operator can observe the working condition of any side at any time, and each time the cutting material is changed, the distance moved by the operator is reduced, which increases the work efficiency and reduces the labor intensity. This is a very user-friendly Design.


The advantages of the left and right double table structure:


The unique high-pressure pipeline design solves the problem of friction between high-pressure pipelines. The large angle of the cutting head quickly swings without obstacles to meet the extreme cutting head rotation of the robotic arms.

We adopt an extended cutting head bracket to increase the effective cutting range, and uses aluminum alloy material, which has an industrial appearance, reduces the weight of the robot head, reduces the vibration and load of the robot's rapid movement, and improves cutting accuracy.

The front end of the cutting head is equipped with a high-pressure water filter element, which can be filtered again before the high-pressure water enters the orifice to ensure that the water quality meets the requirements, improve the life of the orifice again, and extend the working time of the robot waterjet cutting workstation.

The extension nozzle tube can cut the workpiece with relatively large height difference, suitable for the automotive interior cutting industries.

The Simple Operation:

WWABB4600SS(图5)The design of the simple operation console is ergonomic, which is convenient for the operator to operate, and it is simple and easy to understand. It’s optional to equip with LCD display, dynamic simulation display diagram etc. The operation table is clean and tidy, equipped with file box, and processing signs etc. The button position is reserved to facilitate the addition of multi-function modules. The button position distance is greater than 300mm to prevent mistakes from pressing the wrong button. The electrical appliances and circuits meet international standards, the box is well sealed, and the design is moisture-proof.


Reasonable High-Pressure Pipeline Support Design

Reasonable high-pressure pipeline support design, avoid the use of rotating shaft, and use high-pressure coil instead, which greatly reduces the consumption of wearing parts. The internal support structure is more stable and convenient for installation and disassembly, High-hardness aluminum alloy material is used as the raw material of the bracket to reduce the load of the robot arm, make it work more stable, and reduce energy consumption. The high-pressure pipe joint uses a self-locking structure to prevent the robot arm from rotating and causing the street of the high-pressure pipe to loosen.


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