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  • WWABB4600SS


  • WWABB4600SS



Robotic water jet in last years was often used on softer materials and other industries. But nowadays, it`s been adopted by a big variety of material designed domains such as building panels, industrial decoration, furniture, vehicle inner chamber and even by the aerospace industry since that robotic cutting have proven to be durable and accurate enough to meet the request of the aerospace industry.

In this industry, ABB as one of the most popular brands, has many various solutions for different working environments. And hereby we are going to talk about the workstation using ABB IRB 4600 Robot Arms.


WWABB4600SS(图2)Which are both concerned about the Waterjet cutting for Automotive Headliner. One solution has Waterjet Cutting structure in Dual Robotic Arms, the other one is in Triple Robotic Arms. Dual Arm Waterjet Cutting workstation adopts ABB 4600 Robot Arms, which has large cutting range, long arm span. The 2 features determinate ABB 4600 Station to be most suitable with Pedestal Structure. We design this workstation to carry 2 cutting platforms at both sides, in order to make sure workstation keep working circularly. It would improve the cutting efficiency, accelerate the productivity.For Triple Robotic Arms working on the Waterjet cutting for Automotive Headliner, we generally adopt the Ceiling Structure. Ceiling Robot Waterjet Cutting Workstation is able to execute the vertical cutting mission, aiming at the large cutting area for the entire car roof. Refer to the robot arm, we decided to use the ABB 2400 Robot Arm. 3 Arms work together, the cutting speed would be accelerated a lot. And Housing Structure with Security Door, could be safe and reliable. The productivity would be increased by 25% with both types of Robotic Waterjet Cutting System, which can completely meet the demands of Waterjet cutting for Automotive Headliner. Certainly, our users could consider these solutions according to the actual working field and arrangement of operators of Waterjet cutting for Automotive Headliner.

Clamping Table

WWABB4600SS(图3)Double-workpiece clamping platform, rotation structure, improve efficiency, safety and stability.It is made of thick-walled material by welding, sprayed with anti-rust paint on the inside, and sprayed with surface protective

paint on the outside to protect the metal from corrosion.The welding meets advanced requirements, Each of Seal degree is high, the vacuum suction pressure is enhanced, and the accessories can be reliably adsorbed.

Structure platform with various functions and shapes customized according to customer requirements Frame split installation structure, the overall design is reasonable, easy to disassemble and install, easy to transport, save costs.

waterjet pump


We adopt the most advance technology in the world to design this intensifier pump. As result of importing coral components from USA or Europe, the working durability can be stabilized above 8000 hours. The strong power of water supplying, which is capable of supporting Triple Robot Arm working synchronously. It has 3 times more efficiency than traditional intensifier pumps. Long time for non-stop working, suitable for Mass-Production.

Vacuum Adsorption System


The high-power centrifugal fan has strong adsorption capacity and the adsorption attenuation effect can reach above 10m A mobile scrap cart placed at the bottom for easy cleaning and replacement Adopting sound elimination device, the overall operation of small decibel, low noise, to provide a good environment .Thickened rigid plastic adsorption pipe, firm and stable, can be used for decades Intermediate loading of material waste box, prevent blockage of adsorption pipeline, easy to clean.

Cooling system


Support 24 hours cooling system, good cooling effect, simple operation, no maintenance Circulating cooling, no need to supply water all the time, built-in compressor refrigeration system .

Oil temperature can be controlled at about 25° C by this cooling system even during 24H non-stop working.

water purification system


Large flow water purification system, filter water particles, extend the life of the cutting head Automatic water purification system, automatic start and stop function, no operator operation Multiple groups of replaceable filter elements, tank pressure resistance, anti-corrosion materials Compact structure, small floor area, simple operation, reliable operation, suitable for water cutting workstations

Safety fence

Fully-Closed Structure for the bottom, prevent any sundries from the operation area. ACRYLIC plates are set on the barriers,

convenient for observation.

Lighting Sensor installed, connection with alarming system.

Yellow Signal light, International Standard.

Using thick plate, anchor bolts fixed, more firm, good collision resistance

Safety fence section design, easy to transport and install, easy to adjust installation according to the site.


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