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Author:Emmy Zhang2020-08-21 11:07:06
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Win-Win Standard Quadra Robot Arm Waterjet Cutting System 

Even though Quadra robot arm system is rare in Waterjet cutting Industry, a variety of plants still choose this system as main force to process the Automotive interior parts, thanks to the super high productivity and large cutting area. The solution we provide for customers is capable of cutting the roof of business cars and buses. It is equipped with 4 robot arms with waterjet cutting head in the case of large material surface. We also equip a rotary cutting platform. Certainly, this is an additional option, users can choose whatever they like. It is also recommended to use a stationary cutting table, because roofs are large and heavy. It has a certain danger while rotation by platform. It requires a good rotating mechanism to achieve the rotating function.


About Fanuc Robot Waterjet cutting: 

WINWIN2400CQ(图2)We adopt brand Fanuc as main robot system; it was chosen by our customers. Also, the replaceable selection has Fanuc Robot System and other robots at the same level. The FANUC robot is suitable for waterjet processing. High accuracy and good waterproof performance are both recognized by customers. Simple operation is also a major advantage. When we design and produce, we will use FANUC's unique Features matching operation. For example, Fanuc robot cutting head mounts, high-pressure coil bracket, etc., these matching parts are not common with other brand robots.

Quadruple robot waterjet cutting frame:

The quadruple ceiling robot still chooses a fully enclosed structure. The installation of quadruple is to increase the effective cutting area. The ceiling-type structure is also a way to increase the cutting area. This solution also considers the factors of floor space, so the choice will be increased. The high pressure pump, water filtration device, water cooling system, etc. are placed on the top of the frame. This uses the space area and saves the floor area. It is also a new robot water cutting workstation structure. The top of the frame is a double-layer design. In order to increase the strength construction steel is used for construction, and stairs are set behind the frame to facilitate up and down stairs. The top layer is designed with waterproof layer and anti-vibration mezzanine board, and the whole workstation is equipped with soundproof cotton, which makes the whole workstation run smoothly, with low noise and low failure rate. 


Robot Water Cutting Rotate Table And Fixed Table

WINWIN2400CQ(图4)The preferred design of this solution is a fixed worktable. Fixed worktable is relatively simple, and it is more convenient to replace the mold. It can hold a larger cutting material. When the cutting is completed, the operator changes the cutting material, and then presses the start button, the system automatically perform the last cycle cut. The second choice is the rotate table. The rotate table has a smaller effective cutting area than the fixed table. This solution uses a rotate table, and must use a better reducer and a more powerful motor. It uses three bearing structures are adopted to ensure concentric rotation.


WINWIN Robotic Waterjet

Automotive interior waterjet cutting system-robot waterjet cutting included in the entire workstation
1: Robot system
2: Robot frame and clamping platform
3: Security protection system
4: Ultra high pressure water jet intensifier pump
5: Main control system
6: Vacuum adsorption machine
7: Cooling system
8: Water filtration system
WINWIN is a company specializing in the production of automotive interior cutting equipment. Since its establishment in 2008, it has provided a variety of robotic waterjet cutting equipment for many countries. At present, we are developing other equipment for the production of automotive interiors. Last year, we successfully provided robotic glue machine for automotive interiors to Brazil Toyota. The robotic glue machine is relatively simple and the construction period is relatively short. Our partners include injection molding machines, laminating machines, etc. We can provide customers with a complete set of automotive interior production lines , Robot waterjet cutting equipment and robot glue machine are our specialties. We have long-term partners for injection molding machines and laminating machines. We will be responsible for the design, installation, commissioning and after-sales work of the entire automotive interior production line. You need to consult the equipment related to car interior, please contact us, we will give you a variety of different options.
WINWIN has been committed to robotic integrated systems, robotic waterjet cutting technology research and development, product development, technical services, etc. Our company cooperates with ABB, KUKA, Yaskawa and other brand robots to serve robotic waterjet cutting in various fields.
The advantages of robot waterjet cutting and cutting car interiors:
1, The advantages of ultra-high pressure waterjets are more than traditional cutting methods.
For example: fast cutting speed, smooth cut; no dust, odor, no heat effect, no deformation; can keep the environment clean and pollution-free, to ensure the quality of the material cutting edge; Reduce material waste.
2, It saves the cost of making the stamping die, the molding period is short, and it is convenient for product design and modification.
3, It is a non-heat source high-energy jet beam processing, and there is no thermal process during cutting, so it can cut almost all metal and non-metal materials, especially materials that are difficult to handle or cannot be processed by various thermal cutting methods, such as automotive interior parts .
4, The ceiling type robot high-pressure water|jet cutting workstation, cutting through the left and right movement of the robot, suitable for cutting processing of long workpieces or rotating worktables, divided into pure water cutting and abrasive cutting, can cut various metals and non-metals, metals The cutting thickness of the material is 150mm.WINWIN2400CQ(图6)

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