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Author:Maximilien Duan2019-10-21 11:10:38
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Win-Win Standard Ceiling - Dual Robot Arm Waterjet Robot Cell 

This cell is equipped with a rotary cutting table, designed as Ceiling-Dual Robot Arm – Rotation Platform. It is capable of processing Car Floor Carpet materials. As result of experiences, we determinate this type to have a good applicability. Plant owner only needs one worker to operate the whole workstation. Full closed structure, it makes safe during operation. Win-Win has exported more than 20 sets for global users in this year with required modules. We are not only providing Waterjet cutting machines, but also dealing with the Robotic Glue machine, Injection Machine, Trimming Machines, which means we are able to offer full production line for automotive interior manufacturers.


Ceiling Robot Arm – Rotation Platform Waterjet Cell:


In order to highly improve the productivity, a rotary platform is essential option for this workstation. It also reduces the working pressure of labors. Rotation program can be set by General Control, to realize fully automatic running, semi-automatic running, fully manual running, so that it has high cost-performance.

It adopts Omron PLC controller, Omron induction sensor, Siemens reducer, can control the rotation accuracy.

It is equipped with a positioner for rotation, and the repeated rotation accuracy can reach ±0.05mm.

It also adopts imported bearings from Germany, good wear resistance, long use time

The thickened square tube material is used to ensure the strength of the rotary table and prevent deformation.

Using high viscosity anti-aging waterproof glue, super waterproof performance

A transparent explosion-proof acrylic plate is placed in the middle of the rotating table, which is convenient for observing the cutting situation and preventing high-pressure water splashing

Overall spray anti-rust paint, color paint, smooth paint, beautiful and eye-catching, good anti-rust performance

Use anti-wear, waterproof, fireproof, shielded cable, good practicability, long durability.

About Roof Mounting Type Structure:

By the consideration to facilitate transportation and installation, our engineers designed the Robotic workstation as separative roof mounting type structure. It’s suitable for the size of conventional container transportation. This roof mounting type is divided into upper and lower parts, and the middle is the joint, fully adopted thickened high-strength bolts. The principle is to connect at first, and then to use welding technology for making sure that the size and level of the whole structure. The overall design is based on the principle of mechanics. After many times of power-forced analysis, we choose the appropriate structure, which has the architectural design principle of overall unloading vibration and reducing weighing. So that the entire workstation does not vibrate or deform during operation. Within this structure reasonable routing channels and channels for fan tubes and barrels are reserved. It can be said that our design team have gone through multiple considerations on this overall load-bearing structure, and the situations that may be encountered in the actual work process have been taken into account. China is a major construction country and has a deep technical background for framework construction. Therefore, the design parameters of the frame are much larger than the parameters used by the robot water cutting workstation.


About Roboric Waterjet Vacuum Adsorption System Design

WWFANUCM20CD(图4)During the waterjet cutting, there will be waste water and waste materials. It requires a vacuum adsorption machine to absorb these waste water through the drain pipe, and absorb the waste materials to the rubbish box for regular cleaning.

The Car interior parts are made by relative soft materials. Although it has a module and a fixture, it does not fix the automotive interior materials very well. So that users will need a vacuum adsorption system to provide negative pressure, in order to adsorb the cutting material firmly on the mold. It helps the accuracy to be much improved.

The vacuum adsorption machine itself uses a high-power electric motor, which will produce no small noise. Our design team added a silencer to reduce the noise of the vacuum adsorption machine to the requirements of the international standard.


More details about Robotic Waterjet Cutting System

The robot arm is always in a state of rotational movement during operating. High-pressure water must be delivered to the joints of arm top. It should add a lot of high-pressure coils and high-pressure pipe adapters. Refer to the design of these details, according to the feedback by many field experiments and customers’ reviews, the traditional high-pressure swivel joints have a high failure rate. Our design team use high-pressure coil tubes to replace those swivel joints, avoiding frequent parts replacement and extending the continuous working time for the entire workstation.

In order to prolong the service life of the orifices, we installed a high-pressure filter element in front of the nozzle body to filter the UHP water flow again. This method solves the problem that the orifices stop working due to blockage.

The high-pressure coil joint with self-locking function ensures that the high-pressure coil joint will not be loose when it is subjected to torque.

In the middle of the UHP waterway, we set one manual valve. When maintaining the robot water cutting workstation, the manual valve is closed to ensure good safety.,

About the Waterjet Robotic Security System

In general, all robotic waterjet stations need security barriers, and they have many types. Win-Win recommend our users to purchase the barriers like “Fully enclosed as half bottom, Transparent Acrylic Board as half top”.

Comparing to the grid type, this type of security barriers is more effective on the Waterjet Cutting Workstation. Because grid cannot stop the water jet. The fully-protected safety fence is safer.


About new generation UHP Intensifier Pump

The UHP intensifier pump is a device specifically designed for waterjet cutting. The production efficiency and failure rate of the entire workstation are related to the intensifier pump. Maintenance workers also maintain this device at the most of time, because the UHP intensifier pump is core power device to the entire workstation. This intensifier pump is a device specially used for robot water cutting workstations. The super-large flow rate can be provided to 1-4 cutting heads at the same time.



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