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Robot Glue Machine
  • Robot Glue Machine

Robot Glue Machine

Robotic glue system Robotic glue machine is a kind of equipment widely used in the sticking and glue solution of automot

    • Model Number:WINWIN2400CC
    • TYPE:Robotic glue system
    • Applicable Industry:Automotive interior cutting industry
    • Core Components:ABB robots,glue pump,Large suction fan,Laser guardrail,Softened water treatment system

Robotic glue system 

Robot Glue Machine(图1)

Robotic glue machine is a kind of equipment widely used in the sticking and glue solution of automotive interiors. With the development of sticking technology, the robot glue machine can spray any glue that sticks to the medium, and use the robot glue machine can save a variety of equipment, a robot glue machine can complete the entire glue process, this is a very simple and efficient solution.

According to the properties of the composite material, choose a suitable adhesive, you can choose a variety of matching solutions, in order to achieve more automated purposes, according to the type of adhesive to select the type of booster pump, the robot glue machine has improved The precision of glue solves the problem of uneven cross-section at the interface, the products produced are uniform, there are no problems such as glue breakage and multiple interfaces, and the speed is fast.

The gun head installed on the mechanical arm can flexibly perform the glue work. It has an AB material automatic supply device, which feeds in time and guarantees no glue breakage. It uses high-pressure water cleaning technology and a camera is installed in the workstation, which can be observed glue situation at any time.

The big advantage of this robot automatic glue machine is that the glue is fast, and the dispensing speed is very fast. It can complete the dispensing in 0.5 second. A robot glue machine can be at least equivalent to the speed and cost of 5 workers. This is a good choice, and the glue application effect is even, beautiful, and the quality is controllable.

Precise dispensing control, using programming to control pneumatic dispensing seal components, which means no need to use a third-party controller to control the switch of the robot dispenser, the graphical programming environment can ensure that the robot quickly completes dispensing and dispensing The glue process, pressure and vacuum device are determined according to the robot program. We do not need to manually adjust the pressure, so that the glue can be more accurately controlled. The robot applies glue at a constant speed according to the graphic path. Fully automated process, safe and environmentally friendly.

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