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Win-Win Robotic Glue Spraying System
  • Win-Win Robotic Glue Spraying System

Win-Win Robotic Glue Spraying System

Win-Win Robotic Glue WorkstationCar interiors are made of a variety of composite materials. The interiors of a variety of mat

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    • Pressure:N/M
    • Applicable Industry:Automotive Interior Part Manufacturer, Wood Processing Industry, Composite Material Industry
    • Core Components:Glue Machine, Glue Spraying Gun
Lable: Glue robot robotic

Win-Win Robotic Glue Workstation

Win-Win Robotic Glue Spraying System(图1)Car interiors are made of a variety of composite materials. The interiors of a variety of materials have the effects of heat preservation, heat insulation, soundproofing, etc. At present, most customers still use manual gluing, which cannot be guaranteed. Uniformity and consistency. In order to relieve labor, WIN-WIN has launched a robot gluer. The robot gluer can guarantee the same amount of glue and has good uniformity. It is suitable for working in various environments and can be sprayed in various ways. , Such as dispensing type, Spray type, snake-shaped, fan-shaped, etc., have a high degree of stability and safety.

Win-Win Robotic Glue Spraying System(图2)

Equipped with glue dispenser pump: suitable for conveying liquids with relatively high viscosity and no particles. This glue pump has high output pressure, high viscosity of the conveying medium, high use temperature, the input port can be vacuum, and the speed adjustment is very convenient. There is a large flow adjustment range, and the material of the rubber pump has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

Win-Win Robotic Glue Spraying System(图3)

Introduction to the gun head of the glue dispenser: The spray gun body is combined with a high-speed solenoid valve, heating components, and shortens the distance of the control air. It can achieve 200 words/min. There are various specifications for the nozzle aperture, which can realize the dispensing, spray shape, etc. , You can choose the glue head combination, the medium that can be used for spraying are: glue, adhesive, grease, sealant, three-proof glue, white glue, UV glue, etc.

Scope of application: automotive interior industry, packaging industry, leather industry, electronics industry, etc.

Case: Automotive glass sealing strip

The sealing strip of automobile glass can be completed by a robot gluer. The process requirements of the automobile industry are very high. The glue requires smooth and no interface, and the uniformity is very high. The manual cannot be performed perfectly, so the robot automatic gluer can be perfect Apply the sealant evenly on the car glass

Car skeleton sealing process:

People have very high requirements on the airtightness of cars. Good airtightness and sound insulation of cars must be very good. The assembly gaps between car frames need to be sealed with sealant. This work is often done by robots, which can Carry out very complicated glue route, and the work effect is perfect.

Win-Win Robotic Glue Spraying System(图4)

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