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Robot Glue System
  • Robot Glue System

Robot Glue System

Robot glue spraying systemredAs more and more composite materials made of multiple materials need to be pasted together, espe

    • Model Number:WW2020CC
    • TYPE:Robot glue spraying system
    • Applicable Industry:Automotive interior cutting industry
    • Core Components:ABB robots,glue pump,Large suction fan,Laser

Robot glue spraying system

Robot Glue System(图1)

As more and more composite materials made of multiple materials need to be pasted together, especially in the automotive industry, the technology of gluing and sealing is very important. For the gluing process, Win-Win Technology has designed This new type of robotic glue spraying system that is comprehensively improved for the manufacturing process and efficiency. The robot and the distribution control system cooperate well to ensure high performance and a stable walking process. The robot's speed is up to 1000mm/s and it runs smoothly. There is a great relationship with the uniformity of the glue.

ABB robot integrated glue spraying system includes a complete set of glue application components, including an electric automatic feeder, glue applicator, high-pressure hose, material temperature adjustment device, and intensifier pump system that provides pressure when necessary, all control systems All are concentrated in the IRC5 system, which automatically recognizes the program information and can control up to four feeders at the same time. ABB's integrated dispensing function package makes the robot run three times faster than existing solutions. Higher processing speed can shorten cycle time and increase productivity.

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