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Robot Automatic Glue Machine
  • Robot Automatic Glue Machine

Robot Automatic Glue Machine

Robotic glue system Robotic glue machine is a kind of equipment widely used in the sticking and glue solution of automot

    • Model Number:WW2053CC
    • TYPE:Robot Automatic Glue Machine
    • Applicable Industry:Automotive interior cutting industry
    • Core Components:Used in the field of bonding between automotive structural parts and automotive interior parts

                                 Robot automatic glue machine  

Robot Automatic Glue Machine(图1)

The robot automatic glue system is used in the field of bonding between automobile structural parts and automobile interior parts. It is an automatic glue application robot system that automatically positions the glue trace and adjusts the amount of glue.

At present, in the automotive interior industry, many automotive interiors and automotive structural parts are bonded with structural adhesives. Different parts require different thicknesses of adhesive layers, and different widths and lengths of glue seams, so use robots Automatic glue machine will solve these problems well. At present, manual glue machine is still used in many places, but robot automatic glue machine will replace manual glue machine. The result of manual glue machine is uneven product, and there are many excuses for fault, which is difficult To ensure uniformity, the robot automatic glue machine is composed of a robot and a hot melt glue machine system. The robot can mix ab two raw materials and then pour it to a set position, so that the two liquids become sealed. The sealing ring has the advantages of fast robot speed, uniform movement, round and smooth rubber strips, and high sealing degree, which can play a better waterproof and shockproof effect.

The robot automatic glue machine system can quantify the glue, the track is accurate, with automatic cleaning function, simple operation, no wire drawing, no leakage of glue, uniform glue application, the two raw materials can be mixed and measured, with an alarm system for misalignment, by manual or edit the corresponding glue trajectory in graphic mode to realize automatic glue trajectory for automatic glue work.

The advantage of using the robot automatic glue application system is that compared with manual, the robot glue application system has lower cost and better product effect. The robot has six control axes, which can flexibly and quickly generate any spatial trajectory, and can complete various complex cloth glue. Action, fast speed, stable, high repeat accuracy, fixed production time, can ensure the sliver production chain beat, and uniform glue, product quality is stable, so glue must choose automatic robot glue machine, simple operation, production Product quality assured.

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