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Press Line For Automotive Interior Trim

The pressline for automotive interior trim is a device specially manufactured for automotive interiors. It is suitable for th

    • Model Number:WW4053CC
    • TYPE:Press Line For Automotive Interior Trim
    • Applicable Industry:Automotive interior press Line

The pressline for automotive interior trim is a device specially manufactured for automotive interiors. It is suitable for the molding, trimming, blanking and other processes of automotive interior products, as well as for metal bending, flanging and other processes. The work surface is large and efficient. Fast, uniform pressure, easy operation, the pressure and stroke range of the automotive interior press can be customized according to customer requirements.Press Line For Automotive Interior Trim(图1)

Automotive interior molding hydraulic presses are divided into many models and accept customization. The conventional structures include: four-column hydraulic press, single-arm hydraulic press, gantry hydraulic press, two-beam four-column hydraulic press, etc., based on the size of the parts provided by the customer and the required functions. Appropriate automobile interior press structure, for example, 500 tons horizontal bar hydraulic press, 200 tons four-column two-beam hydraulic press, 100 tons four-column horizontal bar hydraulic press, etc., so there are many kinds of automobile interior molding hydraulic presses, most of which are based on the actual needs of customers. It can be slightly modified based on the standard machine.

WINWIN has been committed to the development and sales of automotive interior production equipment for many years, and has accumulated a lot of experience. WINWIN has a fixed supplier of automotive interior presses. After years of cooperation, it has verified the reliability of the products. WINWIN (main Auto interior robot water cutting equipment, auto interior robot glue machine, auto interior robot foaming machine, etc.) and WINWIN partners (mainly engaged in automotive interior heating machines, automotive interior hydraulic presses, automotive interior injection molding machines, Car interior ceiling flanging machine, etc.), to become a complete car interior production line. These companies cooperate with each other and are responsible for their own professional equipment. WINWIN company will integrate and guarantee all the project plans of the car interior production line, including The equipment content, production period, site arrangement, Pre-sales technical support, after-sales training, etc., WINWIN will provide customers with a high-efficiency automotive interior production line with its strong technical strength.

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