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Laser Cutting of Automotive Interior

So why use laser cutting automotive interior parts?Because the surface and edges of these products are not smooth after moldi

    • Applicable Industry:Laser Cutting of Automotive Interior

Common materials for car interior products that use laser cutting are: double-sided car blister parts, blister parts for roof luggage, glass fiber reinforced plastic medical equipment blister parts, bus trunk panels, bumper products, tire mud guards Plates, engine guards, etc., the interior products on these cars can all be laser cut.

So why use laser cutting automotive interior parts?

Because the surface and edges of these products are not smooth after molding, there are a lot of burrs and burrs.For high-end cars, this is a problem that must be solved. The robot laser cutting machine manufactured by WINWIN is a device specially used to cut the edges of these products. At present, most factories still use manual cutting or punching to polish these burrs.low efficiency, and the processing effect not good,in order to produce more qualified product , increase production and liberate the labor of workers.The robot laser interior trim cutting machine installed and debugged by WINWIN perfectly solves this problem. We hope that all customers will do the marketing research and upgrade their equipment to reduce costs.

Auto interior laser cutting robot equipment can be customized according to the needs of customers. There are many models of plastic products, such as fenders, artificial wood blister materials, etc.

Auto interior robot laser cutting equipment is very advantageous in terms of price, but laser cutting will inevitably produce some smoke. Environmental pollution needs to be dealt with well and needs to be equipped with a better air treatment system. Therefore, customers who consider automotive interior laser cutting equipment, Please pay attention to local environmental regulations and indicators.

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