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What Materials can or cannot be Cut with Waterjet?

Author:Evgenia Jin Date:2016-07-15 10:26:59 Click:

What Materials can or cannot be Cut with Waterjet?(图1)

What Materials can't be Cut by Waterjet?

Experiments have proved that tempered glass cannot be cut by waterjet, because tempered glass is easy to burst with waterjet cutting, but glass that is not tempered,hard diamond can be cut by waterjet. Strictly speaking, waterjet can cut diamond,but this is without regard to cost and time.Because cutting diamonds and other particularly hard materials, waterjet cutting is very slow, and the material that reacts with water, the medium used in waterjet cutting is water, so materials that react chemically or physically with water cannot be used for waterjet cutting.

What Materials can be Cut by Waterjet?

At present, there are many materials used in waterjet cutting in the market. The mainstream industries include the automotive interior industry, ceramic tile industry, metal industry, glass industry, food industry, chemical industry, etc. The application of robotic waterjet cutting equipment in the automotive interior cutting industry has been very popular in recent years. This shows the superiority of the robotic waterjet cutting process in the automotive interior industry.

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