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Win-Win Waterjet – Automotive Interior Cutting Solution

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Win-Win Waterjet – Automotive Interior Cutting Solution

Why should it adopt Waterjet Cutting Technology into Car Interior Manufacturing Industry?

As the beginner, operating a set of waterjet cutting system is so hard. The CNC operation is totally into automation no matter it’s for 2D waterjet cutting or 3D Robotic Waterjet Cutting. After all setup is ready, operator would only need to push bottom “Start” and “Stop”. This is the tendency of automatic technology which emancipates more vigor and physical power of labors. Waterjet Cutting Equipment has been integrated into a more humanized design, including the surrounding environment and the noise, have made great improvement. The new series of Robotic Waterjet Cutting System by Win-Win, which can be called “Enjoyment of Operators”. The whole set of equipment is able to prevent users away from the traditional abrasive, wastewater, huge noise and almost all of bad environment, the current waterjet equipment is supposed to make a kind of clean and neat environment.

The use of waterjet cutting technology is very flexible. Pure waterjet cutting has been very good application in automobile interiors process, like cutting car roof, door, floor carpets, etc., And abrasive waterjet cutting system can easily process the steel.

In addition, the use of Waterjet can better protect the environment, in the face of global environmental problems, now waterjet equipment can be better through the review of the environmental protection bureau, because during operation, there’s no heat affected zone in cutting surface, and no toxic fumes or other harmful substances, wastewater can be easily filtered after cutting, waterjet cutting gap is very thin, so can effectively reduce the waste of materials, so that it cou

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