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ABB Robot – Flexible Waterjet Cutting Technology

Author:Emmy Date:2021-01-28 12:24:16 Click:

ABB Robot System has great capability of editing complex 3D Shape, it’s very suitable to be used on cutting the edges, holes, lines of automotive interior parts with Waterjet cutting system. Win-Win Robotic Waterjet Cutting System is effective, flexible, by high level cutting technique, so that we have enough advantages to attracted investment by our suppliers. Our products have achieved fully automation, reduction of labor cost, reduction of defective index. ABB Waterjet Programmer is easy to fix and add new programs, able to achieve “Different cutting programs within single one system”, in other words that one robotic waterjet cutting workstation could cut most interior parts, with only one or two operators.

High Pressure Waterjet is capable for cutting various types of materials. The tiny water jet has very powerful impact force, which enough to shot through any material. For the case of automotive carpets, cutting speed should be in the range of 200mm/s – 600mm/s. For cutting a headliner, cutting speed should be in the ranged of 400mm/s-800mm/s. Users don’t bother any contamination to the workpieces, the waterjet cutting system could keep material totally dry, which could be as the best result.

The Robotic Waterjet Cutting System designed by Win-Win is supposed to meet our customers’ requirements. We are all the time pursuing to make High Quality Equipment, which could be on your needs of productivity, production budget, cost-control. Moreover, if you have any needs on any relative spare parts, just ask to the service stuff of Win-Win.


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