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WW5060JET WINWIN Waterjet
  • WW5060JET WINWIN Waterjet
  • WW5060JET WINWIN Waterjet
  • WW5060JET WINWIN Waterjet

WW5060JET WINWIN Waterjet

Intensifier Waterjet Pump:WW5060JET- WINWIN WaterjetWW5060JET is the first pump launched by Shenyang Win-Win Waterjet Co.,Ltd

    • Model:WW5060JET
    • Voltage:110/220/380/420V
    • Nominal power rate:30KW/40HP, 37KW/50HP
    • Max operating pressure:420mpa/4137bar/60000psi
    • Continuous working pressure:320-380mpa
    • Max discharging rate:3.8L/min
    • Oil tank volume:150L
    • Dimension(L*W*H):1.8m*1.1m*1.3m
    • Weight:1.3t

Intensifier Waterjet Pump: WW5060JET- WINWIN Waterjet

WW5060JET is the first pump launched by Shenyang Win-Win Waterjet Co.,Ltd, which is reliable, simple, efficient and easy to maintain. It is suitable for robotic waterjet stations and common waterjet cutting table. Our design focus is on performance, reliability and durability, so you can increase your productivity.

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A complete intensifier pump consists of six parts:imported universal intensifier,1.2L large-capacity accumulator,vickers solenoid directional value,energy-saving motor,energy-saving variable piston pump,independent circulating filtration syste.The continuous working pressure of this pump is 320MPa-380MPa, maximum pressure--420MPa, oil tank volume--150L,maximum water discharge--3.7L / min. This pump has a relatively low cost in all pumps, but has high functionality and efficiency. So it is a good choice for waterjet cutting production.

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Through continuous use throughout the country and even overseas, our waterjet cutting pumps set the standard for performance and reliability. All WW5060JET pumps can operate smoothly and continuously year after year under fixed pressure,which guarantee that the pump capacity and performance you purchase can bring you big benefits.This is an important fact to point out because the performance of the pump is limited by the low pressures reached in one cycle. By working smoothly with small pressure fluctuations and high rated pressures, WIN-WIN pumps have reliable performance and long-lasting operation, exceeding other pumps that use high pressure as a fixed value, because these pumps may not be able to operate smoothly or continuously.In addition to excellent performance and high reliability, the design of the WW5060JET pump also takes safety into consideration. The body of the pump is hermetically sealed to prevent personal injury due to operating errors.

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WW5060JET waterjet pump is simple, efficient and easy to maintain. We have considered important design requirements in all aspects in the design of the series pumps. All waterjet pumps are fully maintainable and easy to operate. The design of each maintenance point has considered a clear and convenient use method. The pump bracket is easy to install. It can be turned out of the bracket, or it can be hinged front, side and top cover for easy removal during regular maintenance. The WW5060JET pump has a simple and clear design that will help extend the life of your system, get great safety and high efficiency.
As one of WIN-WIN's earliest pumps, WW5060JET has the following characteristics and advantages:
•The core is the international standard universal intensifier and imported spare parts.
•420MPa ultra-high pressure and high-efficiency cutting, perfectly reflects the ultra-high pressure water cutting performance.
•The 1.2L large capacity accumulator is used to eliminate the fluctuation of the cutting process. The forging is integrated and no rubber seals. Maintenance is free.
•Use automatic constant pressure variable pump to reduce power consumption, improve system efficiency, reduce system heat, and extend the service life of hydraulic components.
•The oil pump has dual filtering of oil inlet and return, and is equipped with a independent circulating oil filtration system to ensure the optimization of oil quality.
•Can be equipped with optional cooling system,such as fan-oil cooling system, fan-water cooling system, refrigerator cooling system, strictly control oil temperature in reasonable range,suitable for working 24 hours a day.
•The automatic protection system shutdown when water shortage or overheating, could work continuously and safely.

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After years of research on WIN-WIN intensifier pumps, all accessories have been standardized. At present, they are common with FLOW, KMT H2O intensifier pump accessories. They have a long service time and good quality with more economical prices. At present, the accessories of WIN-WIN intensifier pumps have been sold all over the world. Among them, there are many middlemen and major waterjet companies, which gave us a lot of praise. The warehouse has a large amount of inventory and the accessories can be shipped at any time,which won’t delay your production.

WW5060JET WINWIN Waterjet(图5)

The intensifier is a very important part of the waterjet accessories, which affects the quality and efficiency of the entire waterjet cutter, and is the core of the waterjet pump.
Its working principle is that when low pressure water or hydraulic oil acts on the piston, the high pressure plunger connected to the piston pushes the water out of the high pressure cylinder. According to the law of conservation of energy, it is assumed that there is no friction loss, and the work of the two is equal. At this time, the oil pressure times the cross-sectional area of the piston is equal to the water pressure times the cross-sectional area of the plunger rod, that is, the ratio of water pressure to oil pressure is equal to the ratio of the cross-sectional area of the oil piston to the cross-sectional area of the high-pressure piston rod. The ratio of the cross-sectional area of the oil piston to the cross-sectional area of the high-pressure plunger rod is called the "boost ratio". Because its ratio is fixed, the hydraulic pressure can be adjusted by controlling the oil pressure.

WW5060JET WINWIN Waterjet(图6)

The intensifier accessories is the core of the waterjet pump. It creates ultra-high pressure through the intensifier and cuts through the water nozzle. Intensifier accessories need to withstand the high pressure inside the intensifier, so good high pressure accessories are also one of the main parts for waterjet cutter stability.

WW5060JET WINWIN Waterjet(图7)

The high pressure cylinder is an important part of the intensifier. Physical compression forms an ultra-high water pressure. At the same time, the high pressure cylinder is also the first to withstand the pressure. If the metal is fatigued for a long period of time, the high pressure cylinder may easily be damaged. It is recommended to use WIN-WIN high-pressure cylinders, which have foreign forging standards. This allows the high pressure cylinders to withstand higher pressures and not easily burst.
Compared with metal materials, ceramic plunger have higher hardness and are not easily deformed, making the work more stable. WIN-WIN ceramic plungers are harder, smoother, more stable and durable than ordinary domestic ceramic plungers.
The ceramic plunger is fixed at both ends of the piston, and the ceramic plunger squeezes water through the high pressure on both sides to form high pressure. The piston is at the very center of the pressure, so it needs high hardness and thickness to avoid crush deformation. 

WW5060JET WINWIN Waterjet(图8)

The check valve body is a one-way valve that prevents high pressure water from flowing backward. One end is connected to a high pressure cylinder and a high pressure tube. Natural water enters the high pressure cylinder to form high pressure water. After entering the high pressure tube through the check valve body, it cannot return. It is recommended to use WIN-WIN spare parts for the check valve body. The check valve body of our factory has the characteristics of high quality and can guarantee a long service life.
The high pressure seal kit fills the gap between the high pressure parts, so that high pressure is blocked between the connections. At the same time, the high pressure components are also subjected to high pressure, which is easily damaged during movement, which greatly reduces the efficiency. Usually it needs to be replaced for a period of time. Only high pressure seal kit can work stably for a long time. 

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