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Ultra High Pressure Waterjet Cutting Introduction: The Ultra-High-Pressure Waterjet Intensifier Pump for robotic system.

    • Model:SL-VI
    • Voltage:220/380/410V
    • Nominal power rate:37kw/50HP
    • Max operating pressure:420mpa/4137bar/60000psi
    • Continuous working pressure:320mpa-380mpa
    • Max discharging rate:4.8L/min
    • Oil tank volume:130L
    • Dimension(L*W*H):2.0m*1.1m*1.3m
    • Weight:1.5t

Robot Waterjet Pump SL-VI

Win-Win Waterjet Co.,Ltd. Is an industrial automation company specializing in the integrated design, installation, maintenance and commissioning of 3D water jet cutting systems for robots. It specializes in the maintenance of high-pressure water jet pumps, the supply of water jet cutting equipment accessories, technical support and after-sales service.Through organizes experienced technicians and integrates pure water jet cutting equipment, which can be used for cutting automotive interior trim parts, ceilings, carpets, side doors, instrument panels and other interior trim parts.With reliable product quality and professional after-sales service, the company has won the trust and raise of customers.

Robot Waterjet Pump SL-VI(图1)

Ultra High Pressure Waterjet Cutting Introduction:

The Ultra-High-Pressure Waterjet Intensifier Pump is used on supercharging the water up to 66,000 psi for realizing cutting processing. The speed of water flow could be up to 1200m/min when it throughs 0.017mm diameter waterjet orifice with pressure 66,000 psi. At this moment, the Water molecules have the same speed as shooting a bullet, which is capable of quickly breaking down the workpiece, to achieve cutting task. The UHP waterjet intensifier pumps have many brands and models. Usually, we distinguish them to different pressure and water-carrying capacity. UHP Waterjet Intensifier is often used on cutting stereo plasm materials like metal, marble. 50,000 psi High-Pressure Waterjet Intensifier is used on thin materials such as rubber, sponge or composite material. The large water flow Intensifiers are suitable to support Robotic Waterjet Cutting Workstations, which have usage of cutting Automobile Interior Parts. Because a large water flow intensifier can simultaneously support multi waterjet cutting heads with 0.017mm orifices. The intensifier pump as we are talking about, is large water flow Intensifier, capable of meeting the demands of 3 Waterjet Cutting Robot Cells at the same time. The work efficiency will increase 40% and ensure 24/7 processing.

1:Adopt the latest technology and a very smart design , eliminate some seals and use special materials, suitable for long time work. This technology improvement will last long into the future(area).

2:Large water flow rate and power system could meet single head to multiple waterjet cutting head demands.

3:Low maintenance cost design, fewer parts and low noise, improving the environment for workers.

4:Better Software Features–High-tech software and built-in sensors provide protection and immediate access to information. More control and information is available faster.

5: The exclusive, metal-to-metal seal of the seal head,eliminates the maintenance of a consumable seal.

6:Reduced maintenance results from the longer (about 8"/20 cm) stroke which moves more volume allowing a slower stroke rate, extending the life of seals.7: International high standard.universal intensifier, imported spare parts.

8: 6.6000psi ultra-high pressure.excellent cutting efficiency.

9: 1.6L large capacity accumulator.eliminate the fluctuation of the cutting.integral rubber seals.maintenance-free.

10: Automatic variable pump, energy-saving and reduce heating, extend the life of hydraulic components.

11: Independent circulating filtration system.ensure the optimization of oil quality.

12: Optional cooling system: fan-oil cooling system, fan-water cooling system, refrigerator cooling system, strictly control oil temperature in reasonable range, suitable for 24 hours work.

13: The automatic protection system shutdown when water shortage or overheating, could work continuously and safely.

Robot Waterjet Pump SL-VI(图1)

SL-VI WINWIN Waterjet(图3)The Advantages about Dual Waterjet Intensifier Design:

Just like 2 engines in one car. When one of them doesn’t work, the other one will automatically launch to work. Dual Waterjet Intensifiers also have this feature. This dual intensifier pump designed by Win-Win is to realize non-stop working. When one of intensifier needs to be repaired or replaced parts, the other intensifier will continue to work. This design is to meet the extremely high demands of productivity by most Automobile Interior Parts Manufacturers, who are using whole sets of assembly line. The assembly line is required to have very smooth link connection among the workstation. So if one workstation stops, the rest workstations have to stop and wait for the maintenance. Waterjet Dual Intensifier Pump Design is just for preventing the Robotic Waterjet Cutting Workstations from this catastrophe.
Dual intensifier for alternative work, another intensifier for independent disassembly.Improve production efficiency and facilitate maintenance. More Ergonomic Design – From the see-through top cover, which opens on both sides, to the high pressure intensifier, which can be disassembled in parts or one side at a time, extreme convenience was a high priority during design.

Intensifier is the core of Waterjet Cutting pump. Maximum Pressure and Maximum Water-Flow is determined by the intensifier, and indirectly to restrict the working durability and cost of a Robotic Waterjet Cutting Station. We should pay more attention to the maintenance and parts replacement on Waterjet Cutting Head Components and Intensifier while operating a Robotic Waterjet Cutting Station. The cost of maintenance and consumable parts purchasing will be according to different type of intensifier. A common type Intensifier should have 4 sets of seal kits inside, durability is about 1500 hours. Win-Win have the new generation seal technology, to reduce 2 sets of seal kits, only use 2 sets of seal kits which are easily replaced. This design will reduce 50% failure rate and maintenance cost. It is the most advanced seal technology in the world.

SL-VI WINWIN Waterjet(图3)

For the convenience of customers, KMT SL-VI UHP Waterjet Intensifier pump has been standardized production. Each component has its own name and number. In order to facilitate customers to correctly find the related spare parts, we recommend you to search the Part Name and Number to find them online. For direct inquiry, we have an official shop website, winwinwaterjet. We also have good after-sales service. For example, if customers need to buy high-pressure seal kits, they can directly search for 20422243 on google, or they can search SL-VI high-pressure seal kits, etc. In this way, you can easily and accurately find the waterjet spare parts which you need.

SL-VI WINWIN Waterjet(图4)

Different Waterjet Intensifier Brands have their own spare parts design. It makes users very confused to find the correct part by only searching a name. It is obligately to find an exact spare part to do the maintenance for Robotic Waterjet Cutting workstation. The SL-VI Intensifier pump provided by Win-Win has very standard production, all the spare parts can be compatible to KMT genuine SL-VI Intensifier pump. Actually, we have most of the Waterjet spare parts suitable for Robotic Waterjet Cutting Workstations. The KMT Intensifier pump is only a part of the robotic water cutting workstation. We will make specific introduction to every spare part in the future.

SL-VI WINWIN Waterjet(图5)

Waterjet Intensifier pump is very precise equipment. The installation and maintenance require professional tools. Using professional installation tools could ensure the success rate of installation and repairing. Water jet cutting pump is a very precise equipment, its installation and maintenance require professional tools.Use of professional water jet cutting repair tools can ensure the correct installation of maintenance workers ,Water jet cutting high pressure water seal installation tool is a professional tool for removing and installing KMT 20422243 high pressure water seal .It can effectively prevent the high pressure cylinder from being damaged by the operator's incorrect operation. High-pressure cylinder wrench removal tool (No. 05066139), is a professional tool for removing high-pressure cylinder (No. 72119544) .Can effectively protect high-pressure cylinder threads.
Using this set of tools can replace the waterjet ceramic plunger without removing the end cover of the cylinder, which greatly facilitates the time and cost of water-cutting after-sales maintenance. For more professional water-cutting pumps tools, please refer to the website winwinwaterjet.

SL-VI WINWIN Waterjet(图6)

Win Win Waterjet produced SL-VI intensifier pump is suitable for robot waterjet cutting workstations, this intensifier pump accessories are compatible to KMT waterjet cutting intensifier genuine accessories, customers are more inclined to choose this high-end intensifier pump. There will be cost savings in later repairs and maintenance, in the automotive interior material cutting, In the robot waterjet cutting project, the best choice is this dual intensifier pump, with one-year warranty period, and provide local maintenance services. Win Win Watarjet company provides robot waterjet cutting solutions and robot waterjet cutting complete workstation design, in the robot waterjet cutting workstation has reach experience of design, installation, After-sales. We can ensure the rights and interests of customers and requirements, let the cost more reliable, let customers more satisfied!

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