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JL-I50 WINWIN Waterjet
  • JL-I50 WINWIN Waterjet
  • JL-I50 WINWIN Waterjet

JL-I50 WINWIN Waterjet

Intensifier Pumps JL-I50 WINWIN Waterjet, high pressure waterjet pump, waterjet cutting pump, waterjet intensifier pump.

    • Model:JL-I50
    • Voltage:220/380/410V
    • Nominal power rate:37kw/50HP
    • Max operating pressure:420mpa/4137bar/60000psi
    • Continuous working pressure:320mpa-380mpa
    • Max discharging rate:4.8L/min
    • Oil tank volume:130L
    • Dimension(L*W*H):2.0m*1.1m*1.3m
    • Weight:1.5t

Intensifier Pumps JL-I50 WINWIN Waterjet

Win-Win has published a new generation Waterjet Cutting System Intensifier Pump System. This new intensifier is capable of supporting large water flow enough to operate with 3 Robot Cell (Cutting heads with 0.017 inch Orifice) at same time. As the global Robotic Waterjet Cutting Workstation Manufacturer, Win-Win has many invention patents, focusing to solve the problems which leading to increase the failure rate during Waterjet Cutting System operation. And Win-Win improve the Waterjet cutting system stepping into the Robotic Industry. Nowadays, the major of Automotive Interior Part Manufacturers has successfully adopted Robotic Waterjet Cutting Workstations for processing the interior parts. It would be the best processing method according to our customers.

SL-I50 WINWIN Waterjet(图1)

JL-I50 assembled by Win-Win has many advantage compared to the traditional Intensifier pump. It can reach pressure up to 55,000 psi even supporting 3 sets of Waterjet Cutting Heads (0.017-inch Orifice) at the same time, meet the transfer of High-Pressure water supply from Solo Cutting Head to Multi Cutting Heads. Multi Cutting Head Robot Cells can absolutely improve the productivity, and reduce the cost to purchase redundant Intensifier systems from another point of view. The Water-carrying capacity of JL-I50 can reach up to 4.5L/min. Win-Win has provided many sets of Robotic Waterjet Cutting Workstation with this type of Intensifier pump. That’s very high cost-performance Intensifier which become High level on the Water-carry function and capacity.

SL-I50 WINWIN Waterjet(图2)

JL-I50 is the second-generation Waterjet Cutting Intensifier pump. The continuous output pressure is 55,000psi, the water flow rate is 4.5L / min. And maximum 3 sets of Cutting Heads equipped. The diameter of Cutting Head Orifice is 0.017 inch. JL-I50 is specially produced to improve processing efficiency and cost reduction. Combined with the latest High-Pressure Seal Technology and large-capacity water-cutting accumulator, this can eliminate the fluctuation of High-Pressure Waterjet and improve the processing quality. Large Water-carrying Capacity represents that more products would be produced per day, and higher Pressure represents faster cutting speed. Selecting the JL-I50 Waterjet Cutting Inensifier pump is a cost-saving idea.

SL-I50 WINWIN Waterjet(图3)

Waterjet Cutting Intensifier pump has many functions and advantages:

1.Pneumatic Bleed Down Valve. The function of this valve is to discharge high-pressure waste water. When the waterjet cutting system stop operating, the residual high-pressure water cannot be ejected from the cutting head, they must be decompressed out of Intensifier through Bleed down valve, so this component is necessary to the whole set system.
2.1.6L Accumulator:The role of accumulator is to slow down the fluctuation of water flow. The bigger accumulator, the smaller fluctuation of water flow, and the better edge of the cutting workpiece. Especially when supplying multiple cutting heads at the same time, the accumulator of large-capacity is indispensable.
3.Long Distance for stroke, with a long stroke of Waterjet Cutting System will run more smoothly, less heat, less noise, can create a good working environment, no more than 40 times of reversal per minute, which is a very good state.
4.Automatic Variable Intensifier System, with the development of Technology, the most advanced Waterjet Cutting Variable Intensifier System is capable of reducing the machine heat, protecting Intensifier Spare Parts, extending the durability of High-Pressure seals.
5.Waterjet Hardcore Sealing technology, the latest waterjet cutting system, which adopt two sets of high-pressure seal, less than the traditional Intensifier pump which adopt at least four sets of seals. The usage of Waterjet Hardcore Sealing tech form will reduce water leakage, 3 times longer durability than old rubber seals, which has been playing an important role in the design of waterjet cutting system.
Please refer to the manual of JL-I50 Intensifier for more detailed parameters, or contact us, we have professional technicians to introduce more information.

SL-I50 WINWIN Waterjet(图4)

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