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Advantages of Waterjet Processing

Author:Sunny Li Date:2019-01-24 11:24:49 Click:

1. It is not limited by material and thickness, almost any material can be processed.

2. Fast cutting speed and high precision.

3. The cutting surface has good finish, smooth and no burrs, and no secondary processing is required.

4. During the cutting process, the material is free from heat, no heat shape and heat affected zone.

5. Non-toxic, dust-free, pollution-free, and environmentally friendly.

6. No need to change the cutting head. Using the same cutting head for different materials saves time and reduces costs.

7. The program can be quickly generated by cad/CAM software.

8. Can carry out precise contour cutting.

9. No need for tooling and fixtures, saving time and improving efficiency.

10. Provide pc and cnc control.

The above are the processing advantages of waterjet cutting.

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