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Yaskaw MH24 Robotic Waterjet
  • Yaskaw MH24 Robotic Waterjet
  • Yaskaw MH24 Robotic Waterjet
  • Yaskaw MH24 Robotic Waterjet

Yaskaw MH24 Robotic Waterjet

This solution has a decision to adopt triple Yaskawa MH24 Robot arms as Automotive interior parts waterjet cutting equipment.

    • Model Number::WINWINMH24CD
    • TYPE::Yaskaw MH24 Robotic Waterjet
    • Pressure::320MPa-420MPa
    • Applicable Industry:Automotive interior cutting industry
    • Core Components::Robot System,Dual Waterjet Pump,General Control System,Clamping Table,Security Barrier, Cooling system,water purification system,Vacuum Adsorption System

WINWIN Yaskaw MH24 Robotic Waterjet

Yaskaw MH24 Robotic Waterjet(图1)

This solution has a decision to adopt triple Yaskawa MH24 Robot arms as Automotive interior parts waterjet cutting equipment. We use a large flow UHP Intensifier to supply the water, which is very high working efficiency.

The robotic waterjet cutting system provided by Win-Win, is using Yaskawa Robotic System from Japan, as the processing cell, and it is equipped with International standard High-Pressure Intensifier system, high-pressing pipes imported from Europe, High-End Water Softening system, Vacuum Adsorption system and Security alarming system. We are providing professional and stable 3D Flexible Waterjet Cutting Devices.

Main business of Win-Win: International First-Class Robot Systems like ABB, Yaskawa, Kuka, KMT High-Pressure Waterjet System, IPG Laser Cutting System, Robotic Coating Automation Line, Services of Robot System Maintenance, relative spare part replacement. We also offer the design and solutions of Robot system auxiliary devices, integration, application and relevant automation manufacturing solutions for Non-Standard devices.

Yaskaw MH24 Robotic Waterjet(图2)

Yaskawa MH24 Robot arms

The choice of Yaskawa robots as corollary equipment for waterjet cutting has great benefits.In terms of installation and commissioning, integrated automation has greatly reduced the difficulty of installation and commissioning by reducing the connection requirements of the interface, as well as simplifying the installation and debugging procedures, the originally complicated project becomes simple, which can reduce the difficulty of staff training and operation , and helps mass production of products. 

Yaskaw MH24 Robotic Waterjet(图3)

In terms of operation, choosing the Yaskawa robot waterjet cutting system can reduce the cost of the entire project and the consumption of parts and components, and the immediate response time is as low as possible.Cooperating and modifying according to the unique characteristics of Yaskawa robots can greatly reduce the failure rate of the equipment. In terms of maintenance, the Yaskawa robot waterjet cutting can monitor and detect abnormal operating conditions inside the mechanical equipment to analyze and eliminate errors.At the same time, maintenance engineers can also modify the program to eliminate some software an


Yaskaw MH24 Robotic Waterjet(图4)

 SL-VI assembled by Win-Win has many advantage compared to the traditional Intensifier  pump. It can reach pressure up to 55,000 psi even  supporting 3 sets of Waterjet Cutting Heads  (0.17mm Orifice) at the same time, meet the transfer of High-Pressure water supply from Solo Cutting Head to Multi Cutting Heads. Multi Cutting  Head Robot Cells can absolutely improve the  productivity, and reduce the cost to purchase redundant Intensifier systems from another point of  view. The Water-carrying capacity of JL-I50 can  reach up to 4.5L/min. Win-Win has provided many  sets of Robotic Waterjet Cutting Workstation with  this type of Intensifier pump. That’s very high cost -performance Intensifier which become High level  on the Water-carry function and capacity.

General Control SystemLCD Operation System, Clear Interface

Yaskaw MH24 Robotic Waterjet(图5)

Independent General Control Cabinet with Hotkeys.

Modifiable Operation System, able to amend parameter at any time. It can save maximum 99 sets of parameters setting.

4 Rollers with block function at the bottom of General Controller.

Siemens PLC control board, and Schneider electron components.

We reserve more ports for users, in the case of connection with more function modules.

Vacuum Adsorption SystemThe high-power centrifugal fan has strong adsorption capacity and the adsorption attenuation effect can reach above 10m

A mobile scrap cart placed at the bottom for easy cleaning and replacement

Adopting sound elimination device, the overall operation of small decibel, low noise, to provide a good environment

Thickened rigid plastic adsorption pipe, firm and stable, can be used for decades

Intermediate loading of material waste box, prevent blockage of adsorption pipeline, easy to clean

Yaskaw MH24 Robotic Waterjet(图6)

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