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ABB IRB 1600 Robot Waterjet
  • ABB IRB 1600 Robot Waterjet
  • ABB IRB 1600 Robot Waterjet
  • ABB IRB 1600 Robot Waterjet

ABB IRB 1600 Robot Waterjet

Robotic Waterjet Automotion Project - Triple Robot Arms fixed Table Cutting SystemRobotic waterjet cutting machine

    • Model Number::WWABB IRB 1600
    • TYPE::ABB IRB 1600 Robot Waterjet
    • Pressure::320Mpa-420Mpa
    • Applicable Industry:waterjet cutting car carpet,headliner and so on
    • Core Components::robot, controller,control panel,waterjet pump, vacuum adsorption,cooling system, cutting table, safety fence,water filtration and purification system
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Robotic Waterjet Automotion Project - Triple Robot Arms fixed Table Cutting System

Robotic waterjet cutting machine including industrial 6 axis robot (ABB, FANUC, YASKAWA..etc), high pressure waterjet system. The 6 axis robot arm carries a water jet cutting head to cut 3D parts with CNC programming (pure waterjet cutting head for automotive interior cutting, abrasive cutting head for hard materials cutting). Robotic waterjet cutting system is usually used to cut automotive interior parts, to cut holes, or trim the edges. It’s different for auto parts. Triple ABB IRB 1600 robot cutting system, is the highly used cutting system, which applied to high precision edge cutting, such for roof/headliner, trim, floor carpet..etc. 

Win Win waterjet, working in waterjet cutting industry with more than 10 years experience. Independent R&D team, we have abtained various patterns for water jet cutting. We focus on robotic waterjet cutting system, for automotive and aerospace industries. 

Compare to dual robot arm workstation, triple robotic arm is more high efficiency. During the cutting process, there is no dust, no harmful poisonous gas, no heat and no damage to the work pieces. 

ABB IRB 1600 Robot Waterjet(图1)

ABB IRB 1600 Robot Waterjet(图2)

                                    Installation Method: seated, ceiling, bracket, tilt, upside down

                                    Body Weight: 250KG

                                    Number of Robot Axis: 6 axis

                                    Working Area: 1450mm

                                    Robot Load: 10KG

                                    Repeat Positioning Accuracy: 0.05mm

Main Features and Advantages:

1. Double the output

Compared with other similar robots in material handling, loading and unloading and process applications, the IRB1600's work cycle is reduced by half.

2. No need to worry about corner cutting

When running at high speed, most robots have the problem of corner cutting. The IRB1600 robot uses a unique combination of "brain" and "muscles", no matter how fast it is, it can ensure a consistent work path.

3. Excellent reliability

IRB1600 has excellent reliability, even in the harshest operating environment, or the most demanding all-weather operations, this robot can cope with ease.

4. Easy to integrate

Installation is very flexible: IRB1600 can be installed in a bracket, ceiling, inclined or upside down, and can even be installed inside the device.

5. Sustainability and health

Using low-friction gears, QuickMove and TrueMove can avoid unnecessary movements, the power consumption at maximum speed is reduced to 0.58KW, and the power consumption is lower when running at low speed.

ABB IRB 1600 Robot Waterjet(图3)


Power Input: 200-600V, 50-60Hz

Size: 970*725*710mm

Weight: 150KG

Protection Level: IP54

Control Hardware: multi-processor system, PCI bus, large-capacity flash disk, power failure backup power, USB memory interface

Control Software: mature real-time OS, advanced RAPID programming language, PC-DOS file format pre-installed software (using DVD as carrier)

Control Panel

Model: FlexPendant

Weight: 1KG

Support: color touch screen, joystick, emergency stop, support left and right hand switching, support U disk, hot swap, recovery program/USB storage support, login with time stamp, support remote service

ABB IRB 1600 Robot Waterjet(图2)

A complete robotic waterjet cutting system normally has 3 major parts: 

1. High pressure waterjet intensifier pump, 380Mpa (55kpsi). 

                                                            2. 6-axis robot and control software. 

                                                            3. Cutting table with vacuum suction fixed cutting table. 

High pressure pump plays an important role in providing source of waterjet robotic cutting system. Win Win SL-VI high pressure intensifier pump, can be replaced KMT origin intensifier pump SL-V streamline. It’s economical choice for automotive cutting, steady working, and less trouble while working, it’s good choise too. The Max. Flow rate can reach to 4.8L/min. 

ABB IRB 1600 Robot Waterjet(图3)

Cooling System:

Cooling system also called refrigerant cooling or compressor cooling.

It can ensure that the oil temperature of the machine can be at a constant temperature for 24 hours, which cannot be achieved by ordinary water towers.

ABB IRB 1600 Robot Waterjet(图6)

Vacuum Absorber:

Vacuum suction fixed cutting table plays the role cutting platform. Suction fixed cutting table equipped with absorption system, to remove the junk of cutting pieces. When cutting head cut off workpieces of roof, or floor carpet. The waste of material will be absorbed into the waste car. 

As an addition, water cooling system is needed when working in hot temperature environment. Such as Malaysia, Indonesia, UAE... etc. 

Whatever, if you want to increase your cutting efficiency, triple robot arm ABB IRB 1600 is your choice. 

ABB IRB 1600 Robot Waterjet(图7)

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