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FANUC M20IA Robot Waterjet
  • FANUC M20IA Robot Waterjet
  • FANUC M20IA Robot Waterjet
  • FANUC M20IA Robot Waterjet

FANUC M20IA Robot Waterjet

Fanuc Robot is hard to emergency stop while operating the car floor carpets with high speed movement. Win-Win equips excellen

    • Model Number::WWFANUC M20CD
    • TYPE::FANUC M20IA Robot Waterjet
    • Pressure::320Mpa-420Mpa
    • Applicable Industry:Automotive interior cutting industry
    • Core Components::Robot, waterjet pump, fan, cooling system, cutting table, safety fence,

Win-Win Standard Ceiling - Dual Robot Arm Waterjet Robot Cell  

FANUC M20IA Robot Waterjet(图1)

FANUC M20IA Robot Waterjet(图2)

Fanuc M20IA Ceiling Type Dual Robot Arm Waterjet Cutting System

Fanuc Robot is hard to emergency stop while operating the car floor carpets with high speed movement. Win-Win equips excellent security system and protection system for the workstation. When someone or something get through the alarming line, it will force the robot to stop, in order to ensure the security of workers and system.

FANUC M20IA Robot Waterjet(图3)Pure Waterjet Cutting Head on Robot Arm:

Pure waterjet cutting head has very low weight, is capable of keeping high flexibility of cutting head, to easily change cutting degree. It can be equipped with Sapphire or Diamond orifice. Diamond material orifice can bear hundreds of hours high pressure working tasks, the cost to each hour would be very valuable. And the sapphire orifices have relatively low durability, but the purchase cost is good.

FANUC M20IA Robot Waterjet(图4)Control Panel:

After output one blue print from Solidworks, users can copy the file to general control system by using USB key, and then re-positioning the print. First you need to simulate the operation by control panel, and then change to auto mode to process the workpiece as simulation.

With years of experience, we guarantee to provide your robot water cutting system with the best cycle time and a very reasonable price.

Here, you can find all the answers about all aspects of the robot waterjet cutting system, please call us or send an email, we will help you succeed in your business by providing you with services.

The correct system you need, or refurbish the old system.

FANUC M20IA Robot Waterjet(图5)The Ultra-High-Pressure Waterjet

 Pump is used on supercharging the water up to 66,000 psi for realizing cutting processing. The speed of water flow could be up to 1200m/min when it throughs 0.017mm diameter waterjet orifice with pressure 66,000 psi. At this moment, the Water molecules have the same speed as shooting a bullet, which is capable of quickly breaking down the workpiece, to achieve cutting task. The UHP waterjet intensifier pumps have many brands and models. Usually, we distinguish them to different pressure and water-carrying capacity. UHP Waterjet Intensifier is often used on cutting stereo plasm materials like metal, marble. 50,000 psi High-Pressure Waterjet Intensifier is used on thin materials such as rubber, sponge or composite material. The large water flow Intensifiers are suitable to support Robotic Waterjet Cutting Workstations, which have usage of cutting Automobile Interior Parts. Because a large water flow intensifier can simultaneously support multi waterjet cutting heads with 0.017mm orifices. The intensifier pump as we are talking about, is large water flow Intensifier, capable of meeting the demands of 3 Waterjet Cutting Robot Cells at the same time. The work efficiency will increase 40% and ensure 24/7 processing.

1:Adopt the latest technology and a very smart design , eliminate some seals and use special materials, suitable for long time work. This technology improvement will last long into the future(area).

2:Large water flow rate and power system could meet single head to multiple waterjet cutting head demands.

3:Low maintenance cost design, fewer parts and low noise, improving the environment for workers.

4:Better Software Features–High-tech software and built-in sensors provide protection and immediate access to information. More control and information is available faster.

5:The exclusive, metal-to-metal seal of the seal head,eliminates the maintenance of a consumable seal.

6:Reduced maintenance results from the longer (about 8"/20 cm) stroke which moves more volume allowing a slower stroke rate, extending the life of seals.

7:International high standard.universal intensifier, imported spare parts.

8:6.6000psi ultra-high pressure.excellent cutting efficiency.

9;1.6L large capacity accumulator.eliminate the fluctuation of the cutting.integral rubber seals.maintenance-free.

10:Automatic variable pump, energy-saving and reduce heating, extend the life of hydraulic components.

11:Independent circulating filtration system.ensure the optimization of oil quality.

12:Optional cooling system: fan-oil cooling system, fan-water cooling system, refrigerator cooling system, strictly control oil temperature in reasonable range, suitable for 24 hours work .

13:The automatic protection system shutdown when water shortage or overheating, could work continuously and safely.

FANUC M20IA Robot Waterjet(图6)Vacuum Absorber:

Vacuum Adsorption system should be included in the Ceiling type dual workpiece workstation, which is fully-enclosed structure. This equipment is able to collect the waste materials and water after cutting into the special design box. As same as other robotic cutting system, waterjet cutting has many advantages but less disadvantages. The most advanced will be low cost. Waterjet cutting is an economical solution on material processing. Users only need to purchase one intensifier pump as power supplying device, and one robot arm. Compare to the laser cutting system, the cost is very valuable. Waterjet cutting technology is widely used on textile making and leather materials for Automotive Interior Parts.

FANUC M20IA Robot Waterjet(图7)

Maximilien Duan:

Marketing Director of Win-Win Waterjet Co., Ltd



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