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ABB IRB 6700 Robot Waterjet
  • ABB IRB 6700 Robot Waterjet
  • ABB IRB 6700 Robot Waterjet
  • ABB IRB 6700 Robot Waterjet

ABB IRB 6700 Robot Waterjet

ABB IRB6700 is a very efficient waterjet seated dual robot ,optimized to shorten the production time, and its slim body is ea

    • Model Number::WWABB6700SD
    • TYPE::ABB IRB 6700 Robot Waterjet
    • Pressure::320MPa-420MPa
    • Applicable Industry:Automotive interior cutting industry
    • Core Components::Robot System,Dual Waterjet Pump,General Control System,Clamping Table,Security Barrier, Cooling system,water purification system,Vacuum Adsorption System

Win-Win ABB IRB 6700 Single Platform Four Workpiece Waterjet Cutting Workstation

ABB IRB 6700 Robot Waterjet(图1)

The water jet cutting robot is suitable for high-pressure water cutting of various materials, and can perform precise 3D cutting processing on complex workpieces with freeform surfaces.Robotic Waterjet cutting systems are divided into frame type and mechanical arm type:Frame type industrial robot is a general industrial robot driven by AC serve and High-Pressure Waterjet System.Mechanical arm type consists of a high-pressure water jet and a multi-axis manipulator robot cell.

A set of waterjet cutting robot is mainly composed of the following:

1.Ultra-high-pressure water jet intensifier.Using UHP technology, ordinary tap water can be pressurized up to 250-400Mpa, and then sprayed through an orifice with an inner hole diameter of about 0.15-0.35mm to form a high-speed jet about 800-1000m / s. The water arrow has high energy and can be used to cut soft materials. If some abrasive is added to the water arrow, it can be used to cut almost all soft and hard materials.

2. Intensifier Pump  The Intensifier pump is a device that boosts the low-pressure water to UHP water flow. The UHP Water flow is the key to cutting function. The pump is the power source for waterjet. The Intensifier is the core of water jet cutting, so it is essential to do the maintenance of the intensifier pump.3. Control System

4. Softening Water systemWhen the raw water, which contains hardness ions, passes through the resin layer in the exchanger, the Calcium and Magnesium ions would be replaced with the sodium ions adsorbed by the resin. The resin adsorbs the calcium and magnesium ions and the sodium ions enter the water. So that Water will be softened with hardness removed.

5. Cooling System The cooling system can be divided into air cooling and water cooling according to different cooling media. If the heat of high-temperature parts in the engine is directly dissipated into the atmosphere for cooling, the device is called an air-cooling system. The device that transfers this heat to the cooling water and then disperses it into the atmosphere for cooling is called a water-cooling system.

6. Abrasive feeding system

ABB IRB 6700 Robot Waterjet(图2)

The automatic abrasive feeder provides high efficiency, safety, convenience and conciseness for the waterjet cutting system. When cutting hard materials, it is usually mixed with hard garnet in a high-pressure water jet for cutting. A small sand hopper is installed on the beam of the cutting platform for cutting small pieces in a short time. When cutting large parts, more sand is used. Turn on the automatic abrasive supply system to automatically supply garnet from the sand supply system to the small sand hopper. The system automatically checks the empty and full sand hopper to start and stop the sand supply. The system automatically pours the sand into the sand storage bucket. It uses the air pressure to send sand. The sand (abrasive) is transported from the sand supply tank to the sand container above the cutting head. Under the effect of negative pressure, the sand enters the cutting head to achieve the purpose of continuously supplying sand during cutting. The garnet storage barrel is equipped with a visual garnet amount observation window to automatically sense the lack of material alarm. When the amount of abrasive stored in the garnet supply system is low, the system will use light and sound alarms as a reminder. When the sand level is lower than the lower limit of the material level in the sand tank, it will automatically sound and light alarm to remind the operator to add sand.


ABB IRB 6700 Robot Waterjet(图3)The robotic model normally we recommend size according to customers’ cutting material dimension. Receiving client 2D or 3D material type, we can provide cutting design with drawing.

For example: ABB IRB2400-16 with cutting area 1550mm, can reach for Luggage trim, and also can cut car floor carpet on each side. Or behind to do vertical cutting if by ceiling type robot.

Robotic arm, ABB IRB6700, 6 axis, dual manipulator, seat type, high precision path accuracy and motion control, increase speed, and have motion tween ability. Tailor-made bracket, high-pressure coil, matching KMT original pure water cutting head.With the IRB 6700 you can create your production cell with reduced floorspace by placing the robot closer to the served machines, which also increases your output and your productivity.

Robot control system, it is only used to control the robot arm. Generally, the staff will not use it during normal operation of the water jet robot system.

Main control system, it is the main control system of the whole set of water jet robot system, it can control the operation of each part in the whole system. Flexpendant, can operate the motion trajectory of the robot arm, easy to use, simple program and software design, and can complete precise operation in a few minutes


ABB IRB 6700 Robot Waterjet(图4)


ABB IRB 6700 Robot Waterjet(图5)

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