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Robot Waterjet Cutting
  • Robot Waterjet Cutting
  • Robot Waterjet Cutting
  • Robot Waterjet Cutting

Robot Waterjet Cutting

ABB IRB4600 is a very efficient waterjet seated dual robot ,optimized to shorten the production time, and its slim body is ea

    • Model Number::WINWINABB4600SD
    • TYPE::ABB IRB 4600 Robot Waterjet Cutting
    • Pressure::330MPa-420MPa
    • Applicable Industry:Automotive interior cutting industry
    • Core Components::Robot System,Dual Waterjet Pump,General Control System,Clamping Table,Security Barrier, Cooling system,water purification system,Vacuum Adsorption System

ABB IRB 4600 Robot Waterjet Cutting

ABB IRB 4600 Robot Waterjet(图1)

ABB IRB4600 is a very efficient waterjet seated dual robot ,optimized to shorten the production time, and its slim body is easy to handle in high-density work cells. It makes the production unit layout more compact, realizes both productivity and quality improvement, and promotes production efficiency to a new level. It can withstand the most demanding working environment, so it is introduced into water jet cutting, such as cutting car interiors and so on. Among them, the WINWIN waterjet seated dual robot is a high-end cutting equipment that has achieved a great breakthrough in recent years and combines a new artificial intelligence with a traditional cutting process. It has the advantages of wide applicability, simple programming, flexible operation, and other traditional waterjets, which have been unanimously praised in domestic and foreign production practices.

ABB IRB 4600 Robot Waterjet(图2)Its characteristics and advantages:

1. The highest precision path accuracy and motion control

2. Large range, half-bracket capability, vertical reach distance up to 1.73m

3. The cycle is short, the production cycle is 20-25% shorter than the previous product

4. Flexible installation, adapt to various installation forms, floor, half bracket, inclined or horizontal suspension

5. Careful protection

ABB IRB 4600 Robot Waterjet(图3)A set of sitting dual manipulators has a total of 12 high pressure coils. In the three-dimensional space, it can easily realize the up, down, left, right, and rotation actions. The front end of the robot arm can perform process operations such as grasping and cutting the workpiece from different positions and different angles. Not only is it efficient, it can work continuously for 24 hours, and it has good repeatability, which can reduce human repeated labor fatigue. It can also achieve many actions and parts that can not be done by the operator. In addition, if necessary, ground guide rails can be added to increase the number of high pressure coils, and the working range of the robot arm is expanded to realize the alternate execution of multi-station loading and cutting and cutting processing to maximize efficiency.

ABB IRB 4600 Robot Waterjet(图4)WINWIN installs an high pressure water cutting head on the front of the robot arm, and connects the head with a high-pressure waterjet pump through a specially wound spring-type high-pressure tubing. The cutting action of the waterjet cutting head is controlled by the robot numerical control programming, the start and stop of the high-pressure waterjet pump and the rise and fall of the water jet pressure are also controlled by the robot system.

The workpiece to be cut is fixed on the cutting table in two ways. The first method is vacuum adsorption. This method is suitable for workpieces that are relatively thin and soft, such as carpets in automobiles. The workpiece is placed on a specially made mold, and there is a closed space under the mold connected to the vacuum pump. When this space is pumped into negative pressure, some holes pre-opened on the mold will have an adsorption effect on the workpiece, thereby playing a role in fixing the workpiece. The second method is to use fixtures.

ABB IRB 4600 Robot Waterjet(图5)

ABB IRB 4600 Robot Waterjet(图6)

ABB IRB 4600 Robot Waterjet(图7)Win-Win Generation SL-VI Dual Intensifier Pump

We adopt the most advance technology in the world to design this intensifier pump. As result of importing coral components from USA or Europe, the working durability can be stabilized above 8000 hours. The strong power of water supplying, which is capable of supporting Triple Robot Arm working synchronously. It has 3 times more efficiency than traditional intensifier pumps. Long time for non-stop working, suitable for Mass-Production.

OMRON® PLC controller, Schneider® AC contactor.

Independent Variable Oil Pump, Relief Valve, Reversing Valve, UHP Tube are from Europe.

Multi-Dimension Oil Filter Device, Return Oil Filter Accuracy: 20 μm, Inlet Water Filter Accuracy: ≤0.45 μm

Electrical Temperature Controller to observe the oil temperature. Oil temperature 10℃-50℃

Capable of automatic protection in the case of low-pressure water. (When the Inlet Water is in low-pressure condition, Intensifier pump will stop automatically)

3D Dynamic Touch Board, Observe the core components condition with alarming system, very useful for operators.

1.6L Large-Volume Accumulator, can effectively eliminate the volatility of Water flow, One-piece forged style, 20,000 hours working time without any maintenance.

Low reversing frequency, low noise, create good working environment for operators. It is also capable of protection during overlock, pressure compensation function.

Able to launch under low-pressure, reduce the current peak, cost-saving by 30%

ABB IRB 4600 Robot Waterjet(图8)

ABB IRB 4600 Robot Waterjet(图9)Water filtration and purification system:

Which is also a vital part, it directly affects the normal operation and life of the machine. It is used to filter and purify sediment, iron filings, other impurities, calcium and magnesium ions, etc. in the water, which can protect the workpieces of the machine from the wear and corrosion of these substances, thereby prolonging the service life of machine components.

Cooling system

Support 24 hours cooling system, good cooling effect, simple operation, no maintenance Circulating cooling, no need to supply water all the time, built-in compressor refrigeration system .

Oil temperature can be controlled at about 25° C by this cooling system even during 24H non-stop working.

Vacuum Adsorption System

The high-power centrifugal fan has strong adsorption capacity and the adsorption attenuation effect can reach above 10m

A mobile scrap cart placed at the bottom for easy cleaning and replacement Adopting sound elimination device, the overall operation of small decibel, low noise, to provide a good environment .Thickened rigid plastic adsorption pipe, firm and stable, can be used for decades Intermediate loading of material waste box, prevent blockage of adsorption pipeline, easy to clean.

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