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ABB IRB 4600 Robot Waterjet
  • ABB IRB 4600 Robot Waterjet
  • ABB IRB 4600 Robot Waterjet
  • ABB IRB 4600 Robot Waterjet

ABB IRB 4600 Robot Waterjet

Robot waterjet cutting has a variety of structures types, the most common structures are ceiling type, pedestal type, side-mo

    • Model Number::WWABB4600SD
    • TYPE::ABB IRB 4600 Robot Waterjet
    • Pressure::320MPa-420MPa
    • Applicable Industry:Automotive interior cutting industry
    • Core Components::Robot System,Dual Waterjet Pump,General Control System,Clamping Table,Security Barrier, Cooling system,water

Win-Win ABB IRB 4600 Single Platform Four Workpiece Waterjet Cutting Workstation

ABB IRB 4600 Robot Waterjet(图1)

Win-Win design new generation Waterjet Cutting robotic cell, which is widely used in Automotive Interior Manufacturing Industry, and we have obtained our customers consistent high praise. This case shows the workstation specially used on fender covers for one of manufacturers in Germany.

Waterjet Cutting Mold for Mass-Production

ABB IRB 4600 Robot Waterjet(图2)

Dual Workpieces platform is made according to the requirements of measurement and payload by our customer. It is capable of matching different molds and fixtures. Win-Win adopts hard Stainless-steel materials as the stabilization structure, and also equip pipeline of vacuum adsorption system and special junction box. Under consideration for our customer, Win-Win simplify the preparation for whole workstation installation as possible as we could. We adopt the modularity installation solution, make all the assemblies and components fitting perfectly. Each of power/gas/water lines is clearly marked, and with aviation joints as top and bottom, very convenient of plug.

This type of Waterjet Cutting robot is equipped with ABB IRB 4600 Long Arm robot, the maximum length reaches up to 2050mm, suitable on Pedestal cutting platform, the radius is up to 1450mm. With Double Robot Arms, the cutting range will 1 more time larger. So that it makes this workstation be able to process waterjet tasks for Floor Carpet, side door, luggage board, fender covers for any types of Small-Medium sized cars.


ABB IRB 4600 Robot Waterjet(图3)Win-Win adopts the imported KMT intensifier pump as UHP water power supplying equipment for this robotic cell. KMT SL-VI has strong and stable of UHP water pressurization technology, it can support maximum 3 set of cutting head to operate at same time. The water pressure is up to 420Mpa, and flow volume can reach to 4.8L/min. Also, our company still use the KMT original pure water cutting heads, cutting diameter is 0.17mm. And the pneumatic components support Open or Close at sight. Perfectly meet the demands of robot arm which doing fast movement operation.

It is carried out by Internal Rotation mode for these 2 robotic arms, and each arm is responsible for a single workpiece task. Vey accurate and efficient. Processing time for each workpiece is the same. After finishing task, Arms will rotate internally to pause operation, Operator should replace workpieces on the other side. Convenient and humanized.

Win-Win adopt the compact layout, placing hardware equipment such as vacuum adsorption system, intensifier pump, outside the security barriers. So that it facilitates the connection of the general water-supply, power-supply, gas-supply system of the whole plant. We reserve the space on the left side for general control system and robot control system, which is convenient for workers to operate.

ABB IRB 4600 Robot Waterjet(图4)


ABB IRB 4600 Robot Waterjet(图5)ABB IRB 4600 Robot Waterjet(图6)

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